Sharing your AutoLab with a Friend

Hi readers.  Josh Atwell here.  Recently I had an opportunity to speak at the South Florida VMUG Users Conference.  This was a great event.  During my presentation I shared AutoLab and BareMetalCloud with the audience and was excited at the solid response I received from attendees.  One attendee, Azael Colon, shared with me something cool he was doing with AutoLab. I asked him to write it up and send it over.  Here’s the note he sent me.  Thanks Azael for sharing and for using AutoLab!



It was pleasure meeting you and wanted to share my experience on how I use my home VMware lab to share my lab environment with friends who don’t have a virtual environment of their own.

I promised to send you a few words on what I have done at home with my Auto Lab environment, and how I use it to share my test environment with friends who are looking to get certified with VMware of Windows operating systems both on the server and desktop and don’t have a test environment of their own.


  • I used Auto Lab 1.1 to setup my vSphere 5.1 VMware environment at home.
  • The next thing I did once I had a functional environment was to create multiple VM’s consisting of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2008 R2 STD, MAC OSX and others.
  • Then I downloaded the FREE version of Team Viewer 8 and installed the remote desktop agent under each of the operating systems which consist of the Windows, MAC, and LINUX operating systems to allow the VM’s to be accessible from the outside.
  • I provided the users the Team Viewer ID and Password plus the OS login they would need to login to the operating system of choice for the VM’s they would like to test with and alike.
  • This is kind of like the Poor mans BARE METAL CLOUD…(***FREE***)


Azael Colón

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  • Azael,
    This is a great tip. Thanks for sharing it and reaching out through Josh. In vBrownbagLATAM (en español) we’ve been discussing how great it would be to ‘go in on’ an instance of AutoLab on BareMetalCloud or similar so we could share the environment (and costs).

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