Thank You!

Dear Virtualization Community,

It is my profound pleasure to write this letter to you as tremendous thank you for your continued support. This week Eric Siebert of revealed the results of his annual Top Blog vote. A subcategory of this vote is the top virtualization podcast. The vBrownBag crew, myself included, are extremely humbled and proud that you have voted us the top podcast for a second year in a row.

I would be dishonest if I pretended that maintaining the vBrownBag podcast is just a matter of course. Our continued growth, due to your support, has increased our workload and our desire to continuously improve. This has allowed us the opportunity to bring on new members to the team and expand into new geographies and events. We have a great many things planned for the future and we can’t wait to share them with you when they are ready.

The community’s support has given us opportunities to let you share your knowledge, gain increased understanding of virtualization technologies, and hopefully obtain valuable certifications. We are regularly blown away by those who credit us as a part of their professional development. We hope that you all take an opportunity to present for us one day to continue to pay it forward. The vBrownBag podcast would NOT exist without YOU!

We love this community and we hope we can continue to be an active part for many years to come. Please sign up to present and share the impact that the VMware community has had on your career.

Thank you again for your continued support!

Josh Atwell, Cody Bunch, Alastaire Cook, Jonathan Frappier, Larry Gonzalez, Jon Harris, Damian Karlson, GS Khalsa, Nick Marshall, Kyle Murley, Trevor Roberts, Jr, Gregg Robertson