New #vBrownBag Program

The #vBrownBag crew enjoys what we do and the impact you tell us we have on your professional development. As such, we’re continuously looking for new ways to serve the community. Today we’re excited to announce a new program and podcast as part of the #vBrownBag lineup, #vBrownBag Jr.

vBrownBag Jr

This new program, a natural offspring of our already global presence, will help us serve the very people we may often feel are neglected in our #vBrownBag efforts. The Kids.

Since many of us have children we’ve decided to let them take ownership of content. Our hope is that one day #vBrownBag Jr could also be a live event at conferences like VMworld, or even their own conference in the spirit of HacKid Con and r00tz (formerly DefCon Kids).

To help aid the kids we’ll be working on an updated AutoLab Jr. which will function just like the regular AutoLab but with Minecraft and Skylander items buried in different areas.

Think your kid has what it takes to teach virtualization technology to other kids? Make sure to have them sign up. The sign up form will be coming soon.

Thank you again for your continued support and have a great day!

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