#vBrownBag Jr – For Real This Time

You may recall 2 weeks ago when I announced the #vBrownBag Junior initiative. I’m slightly embarrassed to say that it was originally intended as an April Fool’s gag, but given the reaction and support we had in the community it left the crew and I with a challenge.

I’m happy to announce that the #vBrownBag crew is going to invest some time and resources to see if we can really make #vBrownBag Jr a reality. In order to help us make this happen we’ve invited Jeramiah Dooley (@jdooley_clt) to join the #vBrownBag crew to lead this initiative. Being a father and avid community supporter we’re confident he’s going to do a great job sorting out the unique challenges with connecting kids on the internet to share their knowledge.

Additionally, we’re hoping to leverage his statistics chops to provide interesting metrics about the #vBrownBag podcast and our supporters.

Please join me in welcoming Jeramiah to the team and let us know your thoughts about what you would like to see from #vBrownBag Jr.

Follow #vBrownBag Jr on Twitter at @vBrownBagJr for details on how to get your kids involved and to share your ideas for the program!