BrownBag Follow-Up – VCP5 Obj. 2 Networking w/ Scott Lowe

Long at last, the follow-up post. Sorry it took so long this time, I was traveling and on a crummy connection, and then well, family first. That said, to the folks in the BrownBag family, here is the VCP5 Objective 2, Networking BrownBag video featuring Scott Lowe (blog) along side our own Damian Karlson. Video
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BrownBag Follow-Up: Networking & VXLAN

The Video: The Links: Han Yang on Twitter.!/Official_1000V All things 1000v & VXLAN The 1000v Community on Discussions, Docs, Webinars, etc: Cisco Cloud Lab:

BrownBag – vCloud Networking w/ Kendrick Coleman

This week we get to rock out with Kendrick Coleman who is a BrownBag veteran. BrownBag – vCloud Networking This time around Kendrick (web/twitter) will be joining us on the Brownbag to talk about VMware vCloud networking. If you’re interested in deploying VMware vCloud Director within your environment, or simply learning more about how VMware
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BrownBag – David Davis Part the Second

Woot! So we had David Davis on the BrownBags once before. This time around, he’s back to talk about all things VCP5, Certification in general, and some of the exciting things TranSignal has coming. BrownBag Details Date/Time: Wednesday, 10//19/2011 @ 7:30 PM CSTRegistration: About David Davis This Wednesday, 10/19/2011 at 7:30PM CST, we’ll have
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BrownBag Follow-Up: vSphere Design with Harley Stagner

In our last BrownBag Damian Karlson hosted Harley Stagner (Blog) and talked about vSphere Design: Video ProfessionalVMware Technical BrownBag – Harley Stagner from ProfessionalVMware on Vimeo. Slides vSphere Design Brownbag with Harley Stagner View more presentations from ProfessionalVMware

BrownBag – vSphere Design Discussion (Harley Stagner)

vSphere Design Discussion This Wednesday, October 12, Harley Stagner will be joining Damian Karlson (blog) on the BrownBag for an in depth, interactive discussion on vSphere design. If you are interested in learning more about vSphere design, studying for your VCAP-DCD, or VCDX, this would be the session to attend. Critical Details: Date/Time: Wednesday, 10/12/2011
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BrownBag Follow-Up: vCloud Architecture Toolkit (Wade Holmes)

This time around we had Wade Holmes (@wholmes | blog) on to talk about the vCloud Architecture Toolkit 2.0. The session was facilitated by the always amazing Damian Karlson. Video Slides Wade Holmes vCloud Architecture Toolkit View more presentations from ProfessionalVMware. Also this:

VCAP BrownBag – Wade Holmes Edition

Wednesday this week brings another Damian Karlson edition of the BrownBags. This week he’s featuring Wade Holmes who will be talking about vCloud Director and the vCloud Architecture Toolkit. Wade Holmes (web/Twitter) is a Technical Solutions Architect for VMware. Wade has over 14 years of experience planning, designing, engineering, architecting and supporting complex computing environments
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