#vBrownBag Follow-up VCAP Exam Experience with GS-Gurusimran Khalsa (@gurusimran)

GS talks about his experiences with the VMware VCAP-DCA and VCAP-DCD exams, shares some best practices and tips for taking and preparing for the exam.  We also get an overview of the Virtual Design Master contest which will be running through and concluding at VMworld. VMware VCAP Exam Experience with GS-Gurusimran Khalsa (@gurusimran) ProfessionalVMware #vBrownBag[…]

[APAC] BrownBag Follow-Up – VCAP-DCD Networking Design

Last night’s (Early morning maybe?) APAC BrownBag covered the VCAP5-DCD Networking topic. VCAP-DCD Networking Video ProfessionalVMware BrownBag VCAP-DCD – Network Design Part 1 from ProfessionalVMware on Vimeo. Notes Kendrick Coleman & Spanning Tree – http://kendrickcoleman.com/index.php?/Tech-Blog/vmware-networking-dont-forget-stp.html Cisco Networking Forums on RSTP – https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/thread/5691 Brad Hedlund on UCS & vSphere – http://bradhedlund.com/2010/09/15/vmware-10ge-qos-designs-cisco-ucs-nexus/ The vSphere Design book –[…]

BrownBag Follow-Up: vSphere Design with Harley Stagner

In our last BrownBag Damian Karlson hosted Harley Stagner (Blog) and talked about vSphere Design: Video ProfessionalVMware Technical BrownBag – Harley Stagner from ProfessionalVMware on Vimeo. Slides vSphere Design Brownbag with Harley Stagner View more presentations from ProfessionalVMware