#vBrownBag VMware VCAP Administration Bootcamp with John Arrasjid (@vcdx001) and Mostafa Khalil (@MostafaVMW)

John Arrasjid and Mostafa Khalil from VMware join the ProfessionalVMware.com #vBrownBag to present the VMware Certified Advanced Professional Administration Bootcamp. The bootcamp covers considerations, challenges and blueprints for all 3 VCAP Administration exams (VCAP-DCA, VCAP-CIA, VCAP-DTA). You can find John on Twitter @vcdx001 and Mostafa at @MostafaVMW. Video Sign up for the ProfessionalVMware.com #vBrownBag at[…]

Upcoming #vBrownBag VMware VCAP Administration Boot Camp 1/29 with @vcdx001 & more

Join John Arrasjid, Mostafa Khalil, Linus Bourque, Jon Hall and Mark Brunstad on Wednesday January 29th at 8:30PM EST / 7:30PM CST for a VMware VCAP Administration boot camp.  The bootcamp will cover considerations, challenges and blueprints for all 3 VCAP Administration exams (Data Center, Cloud, Desktop). If you are not already registered, go to http://vbrownbag.comm/brownbags/[…]

#vBrownBag Follow-up VCAP Exam Experience with GS-Gurusimran Khalsa (@gurusimran)

GS talks about his experiences with the VMware VCAP-DCA and VCAP-DCD exams, shares some best practices and tips for taking and preparing for the exam.  We also get an overview of the Virtual Design Master contest which will be running through and concluding at VMworld. VMware VCAP Exam Experience with GS-Gurusimran Khalsa (@gurusimran) ProfessionalVMware #vBrownBag[…]

Some ESXi CLI Commands

Having not used the ESXi command line as often as I should, I logged in and found myself in an unfamiliar place. My objective was to enter maintenance mode, reboot the host, and exit maintenance mode. ESXi CLI Enter Maintenance Mode vim-cmd hostsvc/maintenance_mode_enter ESXi CLI Exit Maintenance Mode vim-cmd hostsvc/maintenance_mode_exit ESXi CLI Reboot the host[…]

#vBrownBag Follow-Up – VCAP-DCA 1.2 & 1.3

This week Hersey Cartwright (@herseyc) finished up the VCAP5-DCA series (I think), by rounding out Objective 1.2 and 1.3. VCAP-DCA Objective 1.2 & 1.3 Slides Video Show Notes So, @chriswahl has put together an AMAZING study guide… get it here. More #vBrownBag Goodness iTunes: http://t.co/07DGNQsTFeedburner: http://t.co/2Fic71ZW

[US] #vBrownBag Follow-Up – VCAP-DCA Objective 9 (w/ @herseyc)

Video Slides Links http://pubs.vmware.com/vsphere-50/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.vmware.vsphere.upgrade.doc_50%2FGUID-9040F0B2-31B5-406C-9000-B02E8DA785D4.html http://pubs.vmware.com/vsphere-50/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.vmware.vsphere.install.doc_50%2FGUID-980D9E38-633E-4557-9144-AC422FA239C5.html http://www.yellow-bricks.com/2011/09/05/cheat-sheet-auto-deploy/ http://pubs.vmware.com/vsphere-50/topic/com.vmware.ICbase/PDF/vsphere-esxi-vcenter-server-501-auto-deploy-guide.pdf http://www.gabesvirtualworld.com/my-first-auto-deploy-design-for-real-production-environment/ http://jeremywaldrop.wordpress.com/2010/11/11/cisco-ucs-service-profile-coolness/ http://communities.vmware.com/thread/328034 http://download3.vmware.com/software/vmw-tools/autodeploygui/VMwareAutoDeployGUIPracticalGuide5.pdf http://blogs.vmware.com/esxi/2011/09/sample-scripts-for-automating-auto-deploy.html

VCAP-DCA BrownBag Follow-Up: Kendrick Coleman LiveLab

Were you there? It was awesome! Thanks Kendrick for presenting & thanks to Jason Boche for the VCAP Exam vouchers! Now on to the good stuff: The Video ProfessionalVMware BrownBag With Kendrick Coleman from ProfessionalVMware on Vimeo. The Links The contest: http://vbrownbag.comm/2011/02/vcap-dca-voucher-give-away-round-2-live-lab/ Kendrick’s Blog: http://www.kendrickcoleman.com/ VCAP-DCA Page: http://www.kendrickcoleman.com/index.php?/Tech-Blog/vcap-datacenter-administration-exam-landing-page-vdca410.html “Green Machine” Lab: http://www.kendrickcoleman.com/index.php?/Tech-Blog/vmware-vsphere-home-lab-qthe-green-machinesq.html Other BrownBags &[…]