VCAP-DCA Brown Bags – Sign up now!

The survey results are in! In summarized form: Most of you prefer Wednesday’s, mostly in the evening. The suggestions were mostly: a) Make sure your lab works and b) Consistency. As far as format, of the options I presented (Lecture, Guest Speaker, Open Discussion, Live Lab) all weighed about equally. Finally, most of y’all are at least VCP and heading for “The Next Big Thing”.

So what does this mean for the future of the Brown Bags? Well, thanks to the continued sponsorship of TrainSignal, we’ll be continuing to run these on a bi-weekly basis, using each session to cover a section of the VCAP-DCA Blueprint. We will occasionally have a guest speaker or two join up, but for the most part it’ll be Lecture/Lab Demo.

Now for the critical bits: How to sign up!


Series Length: 18 sessions
Date/Time: Wednesday’s at 8 PM EST
Series Start Date: Wednesday, September 29th, 2010
Sign Up:

For this first round, we’ll be featuring Sean Crookston from, who has already done some excellent work putting a VCAP DCA Study guide together.

These will be recorded and posted after each session for the folks who can’t make it at this time.

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