VCAP-DCA BrownBag Follow-Up (Section 3, pt 1)

Thanks all who stuck around even after our late start. We still managed to have a productive call, both with the flash cards during the call, as well as the long fireside chat with Jason Boche afterwards. Thanks again Jason! Also thanks to everyone else who hung out on the call. Now onto the meat and potatoes of this post:


ProfessionalVMware VCAP DCA BrownBags – Section 3 “Oh the Drama” from ProfessionalVMware on Vimeo.

Flash Cards:

You can get the flash cards here. You should also contribute to these by getting an account here. These seem to have been successful. At worst they give us a starting point for discussion or demonstration. The more you contribute, the better they’ll be for everyone!

vFail “Question of the day”

Original question here.

You have received a new storage device that supports the iSCSI protocol.  This device will be used to run several production virtual machines in your environment, which consists of a single cluster of 3 hosts with HA and DRS enabled.  Setup your environment to support the use of this device. Ensure redundant paths for the storage are configured to minimize single points of failure.


There are plenty to go around this week, a bunch of which were generated as part of the fireside chat:

  • Jason Boche!
    • Find him on the web here
    • Find him on Twitter here
    • VCAP Test experiences here and here
    • DCD Demo here
  • VCDX Design Prep resources here (
  • BrownBag recordings here
  • SAS “SANs”
  • Jon Hall VCAP-DCA Demo here
    • Watch the video… look for the Manual folder on the desktop.

Want to contribute to the BrownBags? Drop a line in the comments or on Twitter here.

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