#vBrownBag Follow-Up VCP6 Foundation Exam Section 5 (con’t 3) with Geoff Wilmington (@vWilmo)

Geoff Wilmington covers objective 5.6 as we continue with the #vBrownBag VCP6 Foundation Series. Section 5, Objective 5.6 Video Objective 5.6 – Describe patching requirements for ESXi hosts and VM hardware/tools – Describe host profiles, use cases – Demo includes create/export host profile, attach host profile, verify compliance – Demo includes configure VUM, patch repository,[…]

Installing VMware Update Manager Download Service

Before getting into installing, let’s take a second to talk about what the Update Manager Download Service (UMDS) is and when you’d use it. As the name implies, UMDS is a service that will go and fetch patch notifications, metadata, and binaries that is separate from your VUM install. When would that be useful? In[…]

[VUM] Configure Update Manager to use a Service Account

There are a few situations you might want to do this, security and least privileged accounts comes to mind, as does auditability. However, you will also need to do this when your SQL server is using Windows Authentication. Otherwise you’ll run into: “There was an error connecting to VMware Update Manager… Database temporarily unavailable or[…]