[Orchestrator] Use VUM to Upgrade the vCO vApp

Incase you have more than a small hand full of vCO vApps handy, you can use vApp functionality in VUM to upgrade vCO. You’ll need to do the following to get that going:

Create the vApp Baseline

Creating a vApp baseline works much like creating other baselines. On the home page of your vSphere client (where you have the VUM plugin installed), click Update Manager. Then “Create…” to stand up a baseline. Give it a name, select VA Baselines:


Add a rule:

Attach the Baseline

To attach the baseline to a VM, you need to be in the VMs and Templates View. Once there, select your vCO VM, then the Update Manager tab, then “Attach…”


For some reason I had to add a baseline group to attach this also, once it’s attached…


Scan that bad boy:


Click remediate, select the vCO Baseline Group we created, then next:

Schedule: Now. Snapshot: No. (You’ll want to change these to fit your environment). Finish.


Seems you might run into an issue with the vCO service starting once the vApp has been rebooted post upgrade. To fix it, head on over here.


So there you go, orchestrated (or at least automated) vCO upgrades in VUM. Go go go!