[Orchestrator] Configure Host Time Settings

In looking around vCO, at least in the default plug-in, there was not a good variety of workflows for configuring hosts. This workflow, will set the NTP server on a host. Schema Not a very creative schema, and for good reason. Also note, it is designed to work on a single host at a time.
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Open Tabs – Week Ending 3/23/12

Well, Chrome handles a bit better, however, it still gets boggy after a week or two of having too many tabs open. Without further adieu: Pimp the vCO vApp: http://www.vcoteam.info/learn-vco/pimp-my-vcenter-orchestrator-virtual-appliance.html Host Profiles Deep Dive – http://www.vmworld.com/docs/DOC-4008 IO Analyzer w/ @bacon_is_king – http://gabrielchapman.com/?p=238 I need to reinstall View5 at home. Will be using this – http://www.vtexan.com/category/view5install/
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