VCP5 BrownBag Playlist

This week being a bi-week for the BrownBags to give y’all a chance to cram for the fast approaching 29th deadline, I’ve taken the time to put the VCP5 BrownBags into order around the blueprint objectives. Special Thanks again to Damian Karlson for making these happen. VCP-510 Playlist Objective 1 Objective 2 Objective 3 Objective
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The BrownBags Need Your Help

Two bits of BrownBag news this week. First, there is no BrownBag this week. Figured after the VCP5 Cannon-Ball run, we’d give you a chance to digest and take the exam. Second, we need to know a bit about how to make the BrownBags better, so tell us what you think: If survey’s aren’t
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