#vBrownBag VCAP6-DCV Design 3V0-622 Obj 1.1 with #VCDX’s @JasonTweet7889 @GreggRobertson5

Hi everybody! Ariel here. Please remember that we are still looking to fill this series’ presenter slots – reach out on twitter to any of your friendly vBrownBag crew members such as Gregg, Rebecca, Frank, Brett or myself to get added, or use the @vBrownBagEMEA handle.

In the first session of the VCAP6-DCD Design vBrownBag Series we had the awesome opportunity of having two VCDX’s collaborating together despite their time and location limitations to deliver a very good session. Jason Grierson, who is well known in the VCAP-DCD study communities as the creator of virtualtiers.net and Gregg Robertson, one of the most helpful and hard-working VCDX advocates, joined forces to create a great start to the series:

You can find additional resources in blog posts that both presenters created, where they also shared their slides:

Gregg’s blog post: https://thesaffageek.co.uk/2017/01/11/vcap6-dcv-design-objective-1-1-on-the-vbrownbag/

Jason’s blog post: http://vmusketeers.com/blog/2017/01/12/vcap6-dcv-design-objective-1-1-on-the-vbrownbag/

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