Call for #vBrownBag presenters: VCAP6-DCV Design 3V0-622 series

Hello everyone – and a happy new year!

We’ve received inquiries regarding the VCAP6-DCV Design 3V0-622 exam. We’ve decided we will proceed with this series but using the vBrownBag EMEA show on Tuesdays (use this signup link instead of the US one). The time on Tuesdays, however, will not be set in stone; we have hosts in both EMEA and the US, so we have the capability to accommodate the presenter. We are currently looking at 7pm UK time or later for EMEA hosts and 5pm or later for US hosts.

We know VCDX5-DCVs need this cert to upgrade their VCDX. We figured this is a great opportunity for them to give back to the community by doing an objective from the blueprint on vBrownBag. So we are reaching out to the #VCDX community first for the chance to present. We aren’t limiting presenters to only VCDX’s, but it’s a good opportunity to get them involved 🙂 Plus, we have increased flexibility to accommodate busy schedules.

We will do one recording per subtopic so it’s easy for people to study. Even if some objectives are shorter than others, we expect presenters to be thorough, bringing several examples from their professional experience to help illustrate the concepts. We welcome all useful anecdotes, even if they end up stepping outside the main objective requirements, as long as they help people understand the concepts better. This certification is notoriously difficult – real world experiences can help countless other professionals.

If you are a presenter, we also would appreciate if you include the source study material in a blog post or in your deck to share with the vBrownBag community. Systems, virtualization and infrastructure design is a huge topic; sometimes there’s great references that are not included in the official study material.

Please contact Gregg Robertson and Ariel Sanchez on twitter with the topic you want to present and we will include you in this spreadsheet:

Remember we are flexible of what time works best for you. This works out for the whole community, because we can accommodate presenters based in EMEA or the US!

Finally, if you want to attend live, check the Google Sheet and the GoToMeeting invite for the actual times, they will be kept up to date. Thank you and help us spread the word using the #vBrownBag hashtag!