#vBrownBag VCAP6-DCV Design 3V0-622 Obj 1.3 with #VCDX @RebeccaFitzhugh

Hi everybody! Ariel here. Please remember that we are still looking to fill this series’ presenter slots – reach out on twitter to any of your friendly vBrownBag crew members such as Gregg, Rebecca, Frank, Brett or myself to get added, or use the @vBrownBagEMEA handle.

In the second session of the VCAP6-DCD Design vBrownBag Series (yes, we skipped 1.2, that’s coming soon) we had the awesome opportunity of having one of the latest VCDXs, Rebecca Fitzhugh, who not only is one of the coolest members of the vCommunity, she’s also part of the vBrownBag crew! She practices what she preaches and gave back to the vCommunity 🙂 She did an excellent session with lots of examples to help everybody who is studying for this cert.

You can find additional resources in a blog post Rebecca created: https://technicloud.com/2017/01/30/vbrownbag-vcap6-dcv-objective-1-3/

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