#vBrownBag VCAP6-DCV Design 3V0-622 Obj 2.1 with #VCDX @PCradduck

Hi everybody! Ariel here. Please remember that we are still looking to fill this series’ presenter slots – reach out on twitter to any of your friendly vBrownBag crew members such as Gregg, Rebecca, Frank, Brett or myself to get added, or use the @vBrownBagEMEA handle.

In the third session of the VCAP6-DCD Design vBrownBag Series we had the honor of having one of the latest VCDXs, #244 Paul Cradduck. Paul is a Sr. Cloud and DevOps Architect at RoundTower Technologies. He gave us a truly excellent session and did a phenomenal job in his first vBrownBag presentation – lots of examples and tips for everyone doing this certification.

You can find additional resources in a blog post Paul created:


As always, drop the presenter a thank you note if you appreciate the content!