Homelab Rebuild – Part 1 “Design”

Design in quotes, because, like all good plans, it’s only good until I start laying the bits down. So far: Gear My old VMware lab comprised a number of things: 3x “Baby Dragon” compute nodes 1x Open Compute Gen1 Intel (dual hexcore, 48GB) 1x Iomega ix4-200d 1x “FrankenStor” Nexenta box After the transition, I hope[…]

Distributed vSwitch Rollback

I’m a big fan of simple vSphere network configurations, one vSwitch with a small number of fast uplinks.  This has been my stance since ESX 3 and I think it’s still a good starting point for a network design.  I have had some concerns about the vNetwork Distributed switch (vDS) with it’s management through vCentre[…]