Homelab Rebuild – Part 1 “Design”

Design in quotes, because, like all good plans, it’s only good until I start laying the bits down. So far:


My old VMware lab comprised a number of things:

  • 3x “Baby Dragon” compute nodes
  • 1x Open Compute Gen1 Intel (dual hexcore, 48GB)
  • 1x Iomega ix4-200d
  • 1x “FrankenStor” Nexenta box

After the transition, I hope to have the following:

  • Baby Dragon Config
    • Boot Ubuntu12.04 from USB
    • 2x 1TB drives
    • Ceph (clustered storage)
    • OpenStack Compute
  • Open Compute Gen1
    • Boot Ubuntu 12.04 from USB
    • OpenStack Controller/Compute
    • 1x 250GB drive for some local storage
  • FrankenStor
    • Left in place as something to try Cinder with… may get torn down also, not 100% sure.
  • Iomega
    • These drives will get scrapped into the Ceph/compute nodes


The plan currently is to not get too fancy and keep a flat network. However, this will likely evolve into separate networks for storage vs compute/public traffic down the road.

Over the coming weeks I’ll post a bit of progress as I make it through each step.

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