OpenStack on Raspberry Pi: Part 2 – Getting Started

In part 1 we talked about the “Why” behind this project. In this, we start talking about the “How”. In this post, the “How” that we will cover, will get us from “Ok I have a rPI” to where we’re ready to install OpenStack. We’ll cover: What we’re building Getting an OS onto the rPI[…]

OpenStack Swift, Raspberry Pi, 23 USB Keys – aka GhettoSAN v2

OpenStack GhettoSAN on Raspberry Pi “GhettoSAN” originally started out back when I wore a VMware hat more consistently and was a project born to answer: “I have 400,000 USB keys from a trade show, now what”. At first we ran Nexenta as a storage platform and while that ran well, however as it scaled up,[…]