BrownBag #13 – OpenStack Follow-Up

Today we had Jim Curry and Jonathan Bryce of the OpenStack project come by to tell us a bit about the project. What it is, does, etc. The best place to see this is the video, just below. I’ve also collected some notes along that way that should be useful.

First, the video:

ProfessionalVMware VCP BrownBag #13 – OpenStack from ProfessionalVMware on Vimeo.


  • What is the correct spelling? – OpenStack (Capital O, Capital S, all one word).
  • OpenStack vs. VMware vCloud – Complimentary, not competition. You’ll need to watch the video for the full answer.
  • Who is the intended audience for OpenStack? – Anyone looking for easy entry into the cloud market. Providers, private companies, etc.
  • More info? – and also #openstack on FreeNode
  • Participation? – See More Info.
  • Will OpenStack be at VMworld? – Rackspace will have a booth supporting their Private Cloud offering. However, you may find some folks in the booth to talk to regarding OpenStack.