Announcing the #vBrownBag DevOps series

Starting on October 1st and going through at least January, the #vBrownBag podcast will bring you a series designed to prepare and strengthen your DevOps knowledge and skill set.  Much like we did for Couch to OpenStack and Automate ALL the Things series we have setup a Google+ community and “homework” to give you[…]

Chef, Razor, OpenStack – Part 1

Automated OpenStack Installs you say? Build my own Private Cloud you say? DevOps, Hybrid, and the intercloud? Ok, so, now that we’ve scored buzzword bingo, what am I talking about? Edits in Mace-Windu After you get Chef going… Part 2 – Installing and configuring Razor with Chef: Part 3 – Bringing it all together, installing[…]

#vBrownBag Presenter Spotlight: Nick Weaver

The week before VMware Partner Exchange 2013, Nick Weaver took time out of his busy schedule for the vBrownBag Presenter Spotlight. I think Nick is fairly well-known to our regular listeners, but in case you are new to vBrownBag, here’s a little background info about him: Nick is an Automation Architect for VMware where he[…]

Living with Razor Part 2

Spent last few weeks neck deep in Razor, and actually made my first pull request. Here are some other handy things for working with Razor daily. Most of these are handy for working with a larger number of nodes/policies/active models… as well, things get unwieldy past the first 10-15 nodes. Some of these will likely[…]

Working With Razor

First, some background on Razor: Take the time to read those over, install it, work with it a bit in VMs or so, as this takes off with the assumption that you already have a working Razor installation. 1) Rebuilding the razor.ipxe file:razor config ipxe > /var/lib/tftpboot/razor.ipxe 2) Alternative DNSMASQ for chain[…]

vSphere on Open Compute – Part 2, Make it Hurt!

It’s been longer than I’d have liked to put some stress on the OCP box. For some history my home lab, thanks to some kind folks, inherited a G1 Intel OCP Platform. I’ve posted about it a few times: Open Compute and vSphere 5: http://vbrownbag.comm/2012/03/open-compute-platform-vsphere-5/ The lab setup: http://vbrownbag.comm/2012/04/vsphere-on-open-compute-part-1-lab-setup/ In that second post I promised[…]