#vBrownBag Presenter Spotlight: Nick Weaver

The week before VMware Partner Exchange 2013, Nick Weaver took time out of his busy schedule for the vBrownBag Presenter Spotlight. I think Nick is fairly well-known to our regular listeners, but in case you are new to vBrownBag, here’s a little background info about him:

Nick is an Automation Architect for VMware where he leads a team that develops next-generation toolsets for Cloud. Nick recently teamed up with Tom McSweeney to develop Razor, an open-source server-provisioning tool that can be combined with Puppet or Chef for fully automated deployments from the OS install up to and including customization of system packages and configurations files.

You can catch up with Nick on Twitter, his Blog, and at 4th Annual Wisconsin VMUG User Conference on May 2, 2013.

Click the media player below for our interview with Nick (Firefox users may need to click HERE).

You can also download the interview from the vBrownBag iTunes Podcast.