Stop Using VMware Server! (For Your Workstation Workloads)

I mean it. Really. One of my pet peeves is the fellow who installs VMware server on his workstation to run his work provided Windows XP image (or some variant of Linux). The logic behind this usually goes something like: “I needed to be able to create virtual machines and VMware Server is the only[…]

Configure an NFS Datastore From the CLI – VCDX Prep

Like the last post, this one also hails from objective 1.1 of the VCDX Blueprint, and is part of my exam prep. Task: Configure an NFS Datastore using command line tools. Solution: [root@ProfessionalVMware root]# esxcfg-nas esxcfg-nas <options> [<label>] -a|–add                Add a new NASc filesystem to /vmfs volumes.                          Requires –host and –share options.                         Use[…]

Using AMD’s mcat.exe to Debug your PSOD MCE (Machine Check Exception)

"Sokath, his eyes opened" or roughly “Understanding”. So what does the Tamarian language have to do with PSODs or Machine Check Exceptions (MCEs)? Well, neither one of them make much sense, and need some understanding in order to translate them appropriately. What is an MCE (Machine Check Exception) A machine check exception, or MCE is[…]