Running Update 3? San Gone Funny?

VMware release KB 1008130 yesterday, describing just this:

Symptoms include:

  • VMware ESX or ESXi host might get disconnected form VirtualCenter.
  • All paths to the LUNs are in standby state.
  • esxcfg-rescan might take a long time to complete or never completes (hung).

The KB goes on to say, that right now the only fix is a reboot:

This issue can occur on VMware ESX servers under the following conditions:

* Hypervisor version: VMware ESX 3.5 U3.
* SAN hardware: Active/Passive and Active/Active arrays (Fibre Channel and iSCSI).
* Trigger: This occurs when VMFS3 metadata updates are being done at the same time failover to an alternate path occurs for the LUN on which the VMFS3 volume resides .


A reboot is required to clear this condition.


VMware is working on a patch to address this issue. This knowledge base article will be updated after the patch is available.