Virtualization Security Round Table Podcast

Edward Haletky, a regular on VMTN, and the VMTN round table podcasts, is starting his own spinoff, the “Virtualization Security Round Table Podcast” The first show, scheduled for Thursday at 2:30p EST, is going to feature the following topics: Use of Virtualization in a DMZ. Review of security lockdown standards/benchmarks and tools Virtualization Security in[…]

Exchange on VMware – Podcast, Webinar, and White Papers, Oh My

This particular topic comes up from time to time in discussions. Yes it is OK to run Exchange on VMware, and Exchange 2007 on VMware is a supported configuration… for more info, follow the links below: The Podcast – Wednesday, Jan 14, for another round of the VMware Communities Roundtable podcast The Webinar – Jan[…]

Running Update 3? San Gone Funny?

VMware release KB 1008130 yesterday, describing just this: Symptoms include: VMware ESX or ESXi host might get disconnected form VirtualCenter. All paths to the LUNs are in standby state. esxcfg-rescan might take a long time to complete or never completes (hung). The KB goes on to say, that right now the only fix is a[…]