Plug It In, Plug It In! – vCenter Client Plug-ins You Should Be Using

Photo by michelphoto53  I Calm across the “Must-have VMware infrastructure plug-ins” post earlier today and got to thinking what plug-ins I’d recommend. Turns out, that my recommendations would not differ too much, I consider these Must Haves: – Update Manager (included) – Storage VMotion. From Andrew at H9Labs – PowerGUI. This may not be for[…]

Log Bundles, of the Virtual Center Variety

Things break. They always do. Chaos is inevitable. So how do you get insight into some of the chaos that was occurring in your Virtual Center when disaster strikes? Turns out, the VI Client makes this quite easy. After you get your Virtual Center service running again, connect using the VI Client. Once connected… well[…]

Managing Your vCenter Events with PowerShell

While great, managing events with the the VI Client can be a pain. No search functionality, old events fall off the list, etc, etc. So what is an admin to do? A resourceful admin will have been playing with the VI Toolkit, and would have found the get-vievent cmdlet. Let’s take a look at how[…]

Answering VM Questions With PowerShell

Because there is an answer for everything and for everything that answer is PowerShell. Sometimes in your Virtual Infrastructure, you will have a need to answer a question or two. Normally these questions are put to you by vCenter: “Did you copy or move this VM?”, “Is today your birthday?”, “Who shot Kennedy?”. For Example:[…]

VMware – An Introduction To Scripting VI Using Perl or PowerShell

These slides look to have been released after last years VMworld, and provide a great introduction to scripting and automation with the VMware tools. Link! The labs will help you get started with scripting VMware Infrastructure to enable automation, extensibility, and integration with existing tools. When we ran this at VMworld, we had about 600[…]

HALP! My Virtual Infrastructure Client Events Have Disappeared!

This is one of those settings that you only find when you need. Today, I needed it. While writing another post, I decided to go back and get the text of an error that I encountered. This can be done in the VIC by editing the client settings, and then “Lists” in order to grab[…]