Automation 101 – VMware Tools with Orchestrator

We’ll skip the reason you need tools installed. We’ll also skip a bit on the other ways to do this in PowerCLI. Rather, we’ll bring you a way to do this in Orchestrator. Note: If you’re not using vCO, you should be. Why? I covered that here. Additionally, there are some excellent vCO resources here.[…]

Best Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed – vscsiStats

While going over TA1541 – Cool Little Things Marketing Did Not Tell You About vSphere 4.0 from this years VMworld, and came across this gem, a service console tool, that’s been there since ESX 3.5, and will report on all sorts of SCSI statistics. [root@esxServerOfDoom root]# /usr/lib/vmware/bin/vscsiStats -? /usr/lib/vmware/bin/vscsiStats: invalid option — ?   VscsiStats[…]