The Best Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed – TeraCopy

The next up in the list of tools I’ve found essential to managing a virtual environment is TeraCopy. TeraCopy is not actually strictly a virtualization tool, but it will make your life as an administrator much easier. So what does TeraCopy do? It copies files from one location in windows to another… really REALLY fast. Afterall, who wants to wait for a few hundred gig of ISO or VM files to copy about?

TeraCopy looks like this:


Basically, drag the files you want to copy into the interface, then select copy, and go. It’s that easy. Teracopy can be downloaded from here.

Have any other tools you consider essential to managing your virtual environment? Let us know in the comments.

9 thoughts on “The Best Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed – TeraCopy

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  • I tried TeraCopy once. And it always crashed. And when I say always, I mean always. I never actually got to see any copy operation complete. Instantly went back to Windows vanilla copy.

  • 2.12 just came out. hope it will fix my crashing issues.. more like the task just stops responding but the interface keeps working. also 'delete' function doesn't seem to work at all (i.e. merging folders allows you to delete the older versions of the files and update the destination)

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