Setting the ESX 3.5 Multi-Pathing Policy From the CLI

This one is taken from the first objective in the VMware Enterprise Admin Exam Blueprint. Specifically from the skills section: – Perform advanced multi-pathing configuration — Configure multi-pathing policy — Configure round-robin behavior using command-line tools After logging into the host via SSH, and getting to root, this can be done with the “esxcfg-mpath” command.[…]

PowerCLI Script of the Week – Set-Keydelay.ps1

Ever have to log into a the console of an ESX VM… over a slow connection? Then you’ll know all about the character repeat that comes along with that. If you haven’t experienced this… consider yourself lucky. It is especially interesting when trying to type passwords. So how do you defeat this? You set the[…]

PoSH Article of the Week! – Secure Credential Storage

While glancing over at PoSH today (the tiny turtle) I was inspired to do a bit of thinking and talking about using PoSH. Specifically the VI Toolkit, it really wouldn’t be blog worth otherwise would it? What I got thinking on, and what someone on irc clued me into, was storing credentials. Why store credentials?[…]

Getting Virtual Center “Summary” Stats With the VI Toolkit

First let me explain exactly what I’m talking about. In virtual center, when you select a host, you get a “Summary” page. On this page there are some statistics… A picture perhaps will make this easier: Better? I think so. So first for those resources on top: PS C:\> get-vmhost | get-view | %{ $_.Summary.QuickStats[…]

VMware – An Introduction To Scripting VI Using Perl or PowerShell

These slides look to have been released after last years VMworld, and provide a great introduction to scripting and automation with the VMware tools. Link! The labs will help you get started with scripting VMware Infrastructure to enable automation, extensibility, and integration with existing tools. When we ran this at VMworld, we had about 600[…]