Kodiak LUA Scripting

I told you it was the big feature didn’t I” While I’m a PowerShell man at heart, there is something to be said, for having a cross platform, potentially hypervisor agnostic scripting engine, that is tied not just into your virtual infrastructure, but also into your management platform.

Take a look at a few of the examples from the BlueBear site:


No, that isn’t selectable. At least not from here, but you can copy/paste it from the BlueBear site linked above. Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “Kodiak LUA Scripting

  • can someone help me with lua scripting and how to do it because i am not sure if you have to write or script on notepad or a certain software so plz give me a download if so.

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  • i haven't tried doing this,and i think i don't like to try this one, i can't see it can give good effect.

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