Virtualization Security Round Table Podcast

Edward Haletky, a regular on VMTN, and the VMTN round table podcasts, is starting his own spinoff, the “Virtualization Security Round Table Podcast”

The first show, scheduled for Thursday at 2:30p EST, is going to feature the following topics:

  • Use of Virtualization in a DMZ.
  • Review of security lockdown standards/benchmarks and tools
  • Virtualization Security in shared and dedicated hosting environments
  • Providing VaaS (VMware as a Service) securely to SMBs for DR.
  • How virtualization security relates to cloud computing security
  • Top 3 security issues
  • Optimal Network configuration and design for security
  • How to accommodate small / medium and home businesses
  • Disaster recovery options – small, medium, large businesses
  • VLANs as a Security measure with vSwitch Security
  • many others…

This will be presented using Talkshoe