Time Is Marching On… Disabling TimeSync, Completely.

Time is critical. In VMs this criticality is even more pronounced. Time slips… CPU instructions go askew, and things get weird. That said, there are situations when you may wish to disable the built in VMware Tools Time sync service… completely. What do I mean by completely? Well, even with the tools time sync set[…]

WTF Is A Step Ticker? – Step Tickers. and Why They Matter

What is a “Step Ticker” You know, it’s one of those little pedometer things you strap onto your hip and tracks how far you’ve walked. Ok, so it’s not that. At least not within the context of servers & virtualization. So what IS it? It’s a horribly named NTP (network time protocol) concept. Yup. That’s[…]

VMware Time Keeping Best Practices KB Updates

VMware has updated their Time Keeping Best Practices KB’s. The new timekeeping articles are: 1006427 Timekeeping best practices for Linux 1007020 Linux using TSC clocksource stops responding 1008284 Time falls behind in a virtual machine when the guest operating system writes to previously unwritten regions of its virtual disk 1005861 Time falls behind in virtual[…]

Time Keeps on Slipping… Time Keeping Best Practices for Linux

Had a situation in which time in a Linux guest kept creeping about, slower, faster, etc. To the point where NTP wasn’t helping before. This in turn, like all good questions, turned me to that which is the holy oracle of all knowledge: Google. Google, showed me that I am not alone in my struggles,[…]