Time Keeps on Slipping… Time Keeping Best Practices for Linux

Had a situation in which time in a Linux guest kept creeping about, slower, faster, etc. To the point where NTP wasn’t helping before. This in turn, like all good questions, turned me to that which is the holy oracle of all knowledge: Google.

Google, showed me that I am not alone in my struggles, and gave me some direction in my quest. That direction was to VMware’s KB 1006427: Timekeeping best practices for Linux

It seems as each distribution does things slightly differently, there are kernel parameters that can be set to overcome the time slippage.

This article presents best practices for Linux timekeeping. These recommendations include specifics on the particular kernel command line options to use for the Linux operating system of interest. There is also a description of the recommended settings and usage for NTP time sync, configuration of VMware Tools time synchronization, and Virtual Hardware Clock configuration, to achieve best timekeeping results.

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