Vendor Utilities – Dell DSET and ESX

Not sure how useful these will be to anyone else, but here is how to get & use Dell’s DSET utility on ESX:

First pull the DSET utility from here.

sftp (scp, etc) Dell’s DSET utility to your home dir.

chmod 777 the DSET util

[root]# ls -alh
total 24M
-rwxrwxrwx    1 bunchc     bunchc          24M Feb 10 08:21 delldset_v1.7.0.119.bin

run DSET util
[root]# ./delldset_v1.7.0.119.bin


This is a legal agreement between you, the user, and Dell Products, L.P (“Dell”)
. This agreement covers all software that is distributed with the Dell product,
for which there is no separate license agreement between you and the manufacture
r or owner of the software (collectively the “Software”). By opening or breaking
the seal on the Software packet(s), installing or downloading the Software, or
using the Software that has been preloaded or is embedded in your product, you a
gree to be bound by the terms of this agreement. If you do not agree to these te
rms, promptly return all Software items (disks, written materials, and packaging
) and delete any preloaded or embedded Software.

Press q, then accept

Select Option 2, and goto Starbucks, this part takes a while.

The generated report looks like this:

[root]# ls -alh
-rw——-    1 bunchc     bunchc         1.1M Feb 10 09:09 DSET_Report_for_[esx.nerv.local-SvcTag-123456-PER900].zip

From here, pull this back to a windows workstation (or something else that can run the resulting .hta file).

Unzip the report using the password dell (all lowercase) and run the .hta file. It should result in something like this:


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