HA “Deepdive” Page at Yellow-Bricks

Mr. Epping’s High Availability “Deepdive” page is definitely worth a read and a book mark. A VMware HA Cluster consists of nodes, primary and secondary nodes. Primary nodes hold cluster settings and all “node states” which are synced between primaries. Secondary nodes send their state info(resource occupation) to the primary nodes   Nodes send a
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Tapping ESX – Network Sniffing Your VI

So while ESX 3.5 (not sure about i) may have tcpdump and tcpslice: [root@esx root]# tcp tcpd      tcpdump   tcpslice They’re of limited use, at least with the way ESX implements networking, vSwitches after all, are good and proper layer 2 devices. Now, that is not to say you couldn’t do something with arp poisoning, but…
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