Resource Pool Pie – The Warning

Was segregating out some of my home lab stuff from some of the nested things in the lab and came across this when dropping a VM into the vApp: Basically telling me that this single VM will eat all of the Resource Pool Pie. Not familiar with the resource pool pie? Check out this post
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BrownBag Follow-Up – Duncan & Frank Edition

So, I’ve still only managed to get through about 15 minutes of this total. Frankly, I will need to listen to it at least two or three times to process the entire Bus Full of Awesome that Frank & Duncan brought around. Special thanks to Damian Karlson for hosting these over the next bunch of
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HA “Deepdive” Page at Yellow-Bricks

Mr. Epping’s High Availability “Deepdive” page is definitely worth a read and a book mark. A VMware HA Cluster consists of nodes, primary and secondary nodes. Primary nodes hold cluster settings and all “node states” which are synced between primaries. Secondary nodes send their state info(resource occupation) to the primary nodes   Nodes send a
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