Sort of, it seems: Today, RSA integrates with VMware in an couple of what I would call "useful but not earth-shattering" points – you can integrate envision authentication with Virtual Center and it also integrates with VDM 2.1 and VMware View Manager for hardened authentication.   But, with VMware as mission-critical as it is, security
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Sunday Turtle Blogging

I’m back from vacation now! Woo! So to get the juices flowing, and the posts ramped back up, here is this Sunday’s Turtle blog post. This one about rare sea turtles beaching themselves on new-years. Just before New Year’s Eve, the Seaside Aquarium was kept busy with a green sea turtle and a shark both
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"Free" Virtualization Round-Up

I’ve tried not to cover much outside ESX so far, but one cannot keep their head in the sand about what else is out there. Following on Pancil’s ESXi Post, I’ve found a breakdown, here of the "Free" Virtualization products. Keep in mind, tis not my post, just came across it while looking some things
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