Sunday Turtle Blogging & The PowerShell Talk

View Full Album First, Meet our newest “Staff” member at ProfessionalVMware. Not sure what to call him yet, but he’s the smallest of the bunch, as you can see from the pictures. Second, and likely just as important. ProfessionalVMware expanded recently and welcomes “” to our family of sites. ThePowerShellTalk, is the official site for[…]

Sunday Turtle Blogging – From the SA Airport

it’s here… or almost. We’ll (Pancil and I) will be presenting at the Virtualization Congress on Wednesday at 3pm, at the MGM Grand. Posts will either be plentiful or rather sparse, depending on how much time we get. With the lineup that’s been put together, I’m sure there will be loads and loads of super[…]

Sunday Turtle Blogging – Meet JeOS!

JeOS! Pronounced “Juice”. What a concept. Isn’t it? JeOS is still a relatively new concept in the virtualization scene. Build an appliance with “Just enough OS”. As it’s a relatively new concept, I’ve got a relatively new turtle (two actually, but you’ll meet the other later). Meet JeOS: JeOS is a Red Eared Slider, all[…]

Sunday Turtle Blogging – North Carolina Bill Preventing Turtle Export

Good news for North Carolina Turtles, from A House subcommittee approved a bill (H.3121) designed to prevent the mass exportation of our turtles for food or the pet trade. The bill allows no more than 10 of certain species of turtles to be taken from the state by any individual, and no more than[…]