Sunday Turtle Blogging – From the SA Airport

it’s here… or almost. We’ll (Pancil and I) will be presenting at the Virtualization Congress on Wednesday at 3pm, at the MGM Grand.

Posts will either be plentiful or rather sparse, depending on how much time we get. With the lineup that’s been put together, I’m sure there will be loads and loads of super content.

For the Turtle part of the post: The feeder guppies that were living with PoSH and Jeos had babies… so now there are 2 RES (Turtles), 12 feeder fish, and 1 sucker fish.

With luck, the guppies will survive log enough to breed again, and the tank will be relatively self sustaining.

As we (Pancil and I again) are talking about PowerShell and it’s use in multiple virtual infrastructures, be expecting to see an announcement or two in the near future!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Turtle Blogging – From the SA Airport

  • Hey there, Liked this post, there is a small error fix it up, you mistakenly wrote log instead of long.


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