HyTrust Releases Community Edition!

Sitting at the 2009 Virtualization Congress, I noticed this in my inbox, here is some from the press release:


Mountain View, CA (May 5, 2009) – HyTrust, Inc. today took the first major step toward building a vibrant new community, united by a common goal: Virtualization Under Control. Key to delivering on that vision, HyTrust announced immediate availability of HyTrust Appliance Community Edition, a free product that delivers a central point of control for management and visibility of virtualized environments. HyTrust Appliance Community Edition features the same functionality, features, and benefits as the company’s Enterprise Edition but is limited to three protected hypervisor hosts. HyTrust also announced that is has built and made available a new online community to support this strategic vision and provide a central repository for sharing information, gathering feedback and fostering interaction among community members.

                One of the key drivers behind Community Edition is to enable small and medium businesses to cost-effectively gain the same features and benefits for their virtualized environments as their counterparts in the largest enterprises. Said Gordon Wingate, CEO of SynchroNet, a firm that specializes in providing virtualization and data center solutions for the mid-sized enterprise: “A small but rapidly growing portion of our business revolves around providing our customers cloud computing services based on VMware infrastructure. HyTrust Appliance Community Edition is a perfect fit for our current environment. The solution allows us to easily architect best practices into our virtual infrastructure, such as access control, audit logging, data separation, and consistent configuration, without a considerable upfront investment.”