Clarifying Symantec “Support” for ESX

I just thought you all should be aware of this KB Article at Symantec’s site: Question/Issue: Is VMware VMotion ESX server supported with Symantec AntiVirus and Symantec Endpoint Protection? Solution: Symantec considers running Symantec AntiVirus Clients and Symantec Endpoint Protection Clients in VMware environments running Vmotion a supported configuration. At this time running the Symantec
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64bit VM Error – NMI Appears to be Stuck

kernel: testing NMI watchdog … <4>WARNING: CPU#0: NMI appears to be stuck This is what I was greeted with this morning on a 64bit RHEL 5 VM. After looking around the internet a bit, I found that this was a guest OS problem that was caused but a number of things. First, was the resource
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