2016-ago-25 #vBrownBag LATAM – VMworld 2016: eventos de comunidad y fiestas con @arielsanchezmor

The following content is in Spanish, the language in which the webinar is presented. En esta oportunidad se unio la comunidad para compartir informacion de las fiestas y reuniones en preparacion para VMworld 2016. Es una excelente sesion para ver todos los tipos de eventos que hay alrededor de la conferencia y coordinar para verse
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Focus on the expert – VMworld US 2016

Hi Everyone! If you’ve attended VMworld you know it’s massive (20,000+ vPeeps every year) and, even though it’s several days and there’s lots of extra-curricular activities, you have to make the effort to spend some quality time with others. The phrase I tell my friends is “You get 5 quality minutes with someone – spend
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#VMworld #Opening Acts Recordings Now Available!

Missed Opening Acts? We got you covered! All the Opening Acts recordings now are available on YouTube. Career I imagine that we’ve all asked ourselves, “Where do I take my career from here? How do I prepare for the next step? What, exactly, do I want to do?” In this panel, we’ll discuss these topics
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Calling latin americans and africans to the vBB stage in VMworld us 2016!

Hello everyone and thank you for reading this post. Please help spread this link and don’t hesitate to contact us through twitter – @arielsanchezmor for Latin America and @GreggRobertson5 for Africa, and as always the @vBrownBag @vBrownBagLATAM and @vBrownBagEMEA handles. If you are attending VMworld and you are Latin or African, you very well know you
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Impostor Syndrome – A Tech Trivia Game Show

We had a few openings for VMworld Europe Tech Talks this year, so I had a couple of drinks and got to thinking. I’ve been playing around with the idea of doing a tech trivia podcast for a while now, but I kept making excuses of why I wouldn’t be good enough to get it
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Win @VMunderground passes courtesy of the #vBrownBag crew

For those headed to VMworld, you may have heard about the awesomest (yes its a word) kick of party – VMunderground.  As is the case every year, there are a limited number of tickets to get in, and we just happen to have a few to give away!  This contest is geared towards our live
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#vBrownBag LATAM @VMworld 2014 sesiones recomendadas #VMUG y #vExpert, #VMunderground

The following content is in Spanish, the language in which the webinar is presented. El pasado 24 de julio, 2014 ProfessionalVMware.com  #vBrownBag LATAM presentó el tema @VMworld sesiones y recomendaciones por Larry Gonzalez, Kyle Murley y Randall Cruz. (tip: se puede ampliar a pantalla completa y cambiar la calidad de reprodución a HD 720p). vBrownBag en
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#vBrownBag Tech Talks @VMworld 2013

The Tech Talks for VMworld USA 2013 have concluded and are now available on YouTube, click the session to open the video. Alternatively you can get all the videos on this Playlist

A few of the videos aren’t here yet, they will be here soon.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
10:30 vExpert Daily vExpert Daily vExpert Daily
11:00 vExpert Daily Shannon Snowden – Zerto Edward Haletky – 10 Steps to Migrating to the Cloud
11:15 Colin McNamara – OpenStack for VMware admins Joerg Lew – Make your automation stopgaps enterprise ready (with vCO)
11:30 Jim Millard – Certificates 101 Edward Haletky – New way of looking at the Secure Hybrid Cloud Steve Flanders – Extend vCenter Log Insight with Content Packs
11:45 Shane Williford -vCD Networking Made Easy! Peter Flecha – Extending storage to remote offices and the cloud Keith Norbie – SDDC: Like a Harmony Remote Control
12:00 PHD Virtual Jeramiah Dooley – Does Hardware Matter Anymore? Anton Zhbankov – Cloud is people and process, not technology Gabriel Chapman – HyperConvergence – What Is It
12:15 Ashish Gupta – Architecting an all-flash cloud infrastructure YP Chien – Automating Application Server Deployment in vCloud with vCO, PowerShell & Group Policy Trevor Roberts Jr – Vagrant Up with VMware
12:30 Maish Saidel-Keesing – Cisco Chuck Mills – Top Mirage Use Cases Scott Hanson – Converged Infrastructure
12:45 David Espejo – The strange case of the PSOD Todd Mace – Why Flash technology is so disruptive
14:00 Rick Vanover – Veeam Jon Harris – vCAC: The power of custom properties
14:30 Blake Garner – Mac OS X guests in vCloud Infinio  Graham Breeze, Sr. Systems Engineer and vExpert, Tintri -See Zero Management Storage in Action
14:45 Tony Foster – A physical desktop lost in a virtual world.
15:00 Julian Wood – HP Virtual Connect Quick Deep Dive Chris Seline – Real world experience: low latency vSphere storage using VNX
15:15 Christopher Kusek – Using PowerCLI to support your mission; Lessons from the Warzone
15:30 Dwayne Lessner – Nutanix Timothy Patterson – Real Life Adventures with Auto Deploy
15:45 Chethan Kumar – Impact of Data Acceleration Tier on I/O Performance
16:00   David Davis-Trainsignal
16:30 Eric Wright – Bridging the gap to Private Cloud  Larry Touchette – Accelerate Storage with Server Based Caching
16:45 Chris Gebhardt – Storage Innovations for VMware Horizon
17:00 Wen Yu – esxtop deep dive  Vaughn Stewart – Software Defined Storage: What, How & Why
17:15 Julian Wood – Help, my VDI project is hell!
17:30 Mike Ellis – SRM Lessons Learned

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VMworld 2013 Tech Talks Sponsors

Elect2013-printPHD Virtual logo high res

VMworld 2012 Tech Talks (via Nick Marshall at http://goo.gl/v6p87I)


#vBrownBags at VMworld US Follow-Up

It took a while, but the recordings are now available. As Nick says on his site, we had some localized audio/video issues there were uncorrectable (part of why it took so long). Below is the list of these sessions: I did collate the video’s into “days” for easier consumption:VMworld 2012 – Day 1 – Day
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#vBrownBag – VMworld 2012 Materials

Couldn’t make it to the show, but still wanted the #vBrownBag USB Key of awesomeness? Click the Big Green Arrow to pull down the file. Warning: it’s nearly 4GB in size. It will take a while to download. In that file, is everything that was on the USB keys. Update: This needs an MD5 check
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VMworld Wrap-Up

There are going to be plenty of posts around all of the various parties and announcements that happened at the show. Rather than go down that typical path, I’ll just highlight a few of my personal favorite moments of the week: Everything related to the vBrownBags – Assembly, Distribution, #NotSupported, and Live Streaming, and most
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#vBrownBags at VMworld Day 0

Today was quite the eventful day, what with arriving and having “interesting” travel arrangements. There was some pretty amazing things that happened. More specifically: I found these guys: You can to, we’ll generally be wearing these: and these things: And packed them here for transport. Find us tomorrow in the communities lounge / hang space
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#vBrownBags, Dave Hill, PHD Virtual, and VMworld

Last night, around 8 or 10pm CST, not really sure… I saw a tweet come up from a vExpert and friend Dave Hill: It led to this little bit of text here: I need your help For anyone who follows my blog, or twitter you probably know that I recently had major surgery on my
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#vBrownBag Swag Bag of Awesomeness

First, before we go into what is in this thing… we need to thank some folks for making this happen. In no particular order, our “premium”, “platinum”, or “company that is really awesome you should check out their booth!” folks: TrainSignal Veeam TinTri Cisco Without their support, there would be no #vBrownBags, let alone swag
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VMworld Tech Talks powered by #vBrownBags

You heard it first tonight on the #vBrownBag with Josh Atwell. The entire #vBrownBag will be on the ground at VMworld San Francisco and we’ll be rocking out some awesome sauce in the communities lounge. How awesome? Well, all week at VMworld we will be having a number of Lightning Tech Talks with folks who
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#vBrownBag UnConference–Join Us!

Did you get an e-mail similar to this recently? Dear Cody, Thank you for your interest in speaking at VMworld 2012. We received a record number of submissions this year and were only able to accept ~12%.  Unfortunately, we are not able to accept your session proposal, but we greatly appreciate and value the time
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PowerCLI 101 – VMworld Follow-Up

For those that couldn’t make it to the live show, be heartened to know that what we did was a live version of this BrownBag. If that’s not enough… brace yourself for some really awesome stuff, right here: The Slides They’re not much to look at because well, it was a demo heavy session. That
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