Focus on the expert – VMworld US 2016

Hi Everyone!

If you’ve attended VMworld you know it’s massive (20,000+ vPeeps every year) and, even though it’s several days and there’s lots of extra-curricular activities, you have to make the effort to spend some quality time with others. The phrase I tell my friends is “You get 5 quality minutes with someone – spend them well – because you may not see them again!”. It’s a shame we can’t get to meet everyone; getting a face-to-face moment with all the people we frequently tweet with or all the vBrownBag presenters is quite complicated because everyone is trying to make the best of VMworld they can.

In that vein, here in vBrownBag we decided we could take advantage of cheap cel phone accessories (tripod, dual headed lav microphone), and also taking advantage of the space that VMworld gives us, to create a small video series. The advantage with this kit was its mobilility – we literally had the equipment in a backpack and if the opportunity arose, we set up shop. The quality is not as good as our static setup, but as phones keep getting better, the quality should increase as well.

The series focuses on spending a few minutes getting to know amazing people in the vCommunity just a bit better. These videos are in interview format – we ask the Expert to give us a good introduction on themselves, their journey in IT and we try to take the conversation from there. Finally, we ask them to give the audience their contact details. The idea is for you in the audience to get to know them better, and if you want to make a connection, you now have everything you need to reach out 🙂

I really wish we could have done more – there are so many amazing stories, so many amazing people in the vCommunity – but when Thursday was done, this is all we could do. We tried to take people from varied sources, and me being part of vBrownBag LATAM as well, I couldn’t resist to interview quite a few latin experts.

Thanks to all the people in the background who helped start and stop the recordings and a huge thanks to the people that allowed me to interview them. The greatest gift of all is time, and you gave us yours – hopefully the gift multiplies with these recordings.

We’ve created a playlist here, but I wanted to leave the names and interview language (with the corresponding links) of those we were able to interview in this occasion:

Luis Concistre (spanish)

Jorge Torres (spanish)

Elver Sena Sosa (spanish)

Katie Bradley (english)

Iwan Hoogendoorn (english)

Paul Braren (english)

Matt Crape (english)

Gregg Robertson (english)

Wences Michel (spanish)

Valdecir Carvalho (spanish/portuguese)


We are updating the links as the videos are available, so don’t worry if you can’t find your video yet, it will be uploaded shortly.