#vBrownBags VMworld and You

Here is a quick summary of the activities and places you’ll be able to find the #vBrownBag folks at VMworld:

Tech Talks Powered by the #vBrownBags

All week at the show, the #vBrownBags will be rocking out Tech Talks in the Communities / Bloggers lounge. For an idea of how awesome this will be, take a quick gander at the schedule:


Head blown yet? Well, these are even cooler because we’ll have the “Not Supported” guys hanging out with us as well, and for those who can’t make the show in person, no worries, we’ve got you covered too. Live streaming will be available here. If you can’t make it live, that’s fine also. These are being recorded and will be released to our iTunes feed after the show.

#vBrownBag Survival Kits

Note: These things have been a pain and a half to actually do. So if you work in marketing and do something nice for a show… the #vBrownBag has a newfound appreciation for trying to make a quantity of something useful.

What’s in the bags?

The exact contents of these kits are still in a bit of flux. However, expect at a minimum:

  • 1x 4GB USB Key of Extreme Facemelting Awesomeness – This will be 3.5GB of vSphere Training and nested vSphere lab goodness, along with actual valuable content from the sponsors.
  • 1x bottle of 5hr Energy – You will need this… maybe not day 1, but if you’ve been to a VMworld before, well… we’ve got your back.
  • 1x set of ear plugs – Good for the plane ride home, or tuning out the general show floor din
  • Something to soothe your throat – Speakers are the only ones flapping their gums and getting sore throats. One of the best and most undersold points of VMworld is meeting other folks in the space. But all that talking… we’re thinking maybe halls drops or something similar.
  • Other things… like I said, final contents still in flux

The keys and the bags are brought to you by the folks at TrainSignal, Cisco, TinTri, and Veeam, so stop by their booths and say thank you.

Where can you get one?

On Monday, we will have some quantity of them at the communities lounge for those who stop by for a #vBrownBag Tech Talk.

After Monday? – Well, we know you’ll need them for sure /after/ Monday, so watch the #vBrownBag hash tag for where you can find us. Damian, Alastair, Josh, Nick and myself will be rocking out #vBrownBag polo shirts, and we’ll let you know where we’re at and how to snag a bag.


TL;DR? – The #vBrownBags are going to VMworld, in FULL force, with swag too! Watch the #vBrownBag hash tag during the show to get the scoop.