Impostor Syndrome – A Tech Trivia Game Show

We had a few openings for VMworld Europe Tech Talks this year, so I had a couple of drinks and got to thinking. I’ve been playing around with the idea of doing a tech trivia podcast for a while now, but I kept making excuses of why I wouldn’t be good enough to get it going. I decided it might be fun to do it live at the vBrownBag Tech Talks stage at VMworld Europe! What better place to perhaps fail miserably at a game show you decided to name Impostor Syndrome?!

I’m stealing ideas from all my favorite game shows and trivia podcasts and I’ll be quizzing the panelists on Tech Trivia. I  would love to have a live audience for this show! If you’re planning on attending VMworld Europe next week, come by the vBrownBag stage in the hang space on Tuesday at 5pm (Barcelona time). There’s a possibility of getting some swag, and who knows…you might even learn something! Right now my panelists are Amy Lewis (@commsninja), Adam Eckerle (@eck79), and Alastair Cooke (@DemitasseNZ) (…this is subject to change given everyone’s very busy schedules). Come see who can prove they’re not an impostor by winning the game! Since I’ll only be asking the questions, I’ll be maintaining my status as an impostor throughout.

See you there!

-Lauren Malhoit (@malhoit)