Scheduled – #vBrownBag TechTalks at OpenStack Summit Tokyo

Another packed TechTalk schedule, every space is filled with great community presentations. Wednesday starts with awesome presentations by Women of OpenStack.

We will be in the Wakashiba room and have space for some live audience, so do drop in and catch any of the sessions that look interesting. We will also be live streaming (conference Internet willing) the sessions on this page. The sessions are all recorded and will be posted to our YouTube channel and the schedule below will turn into direct links to the videos.

We could not make these TechTalks without the on-going support of the OpenStack Foundation and our sponsors, Cisco and HP.

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  RICARDO CARRILLO CRUZ – Deploying baremetal servers with Bifrost
9:30     Anand Bhadouria – Container Technology, for enterprise and the OpenStack Magnum project
9:45     Vikram Hosakote – Addressing DHCP and DNS Scalability in Neutron: A dnsmasq alternative
10:00     Cao Xuan Hoang – Logging API for security group and firewall rules
10:15     Bence Romsics – Trunk Port in OpenStack
10:30     RamaKrishna Nishtala – Multiple Ceph Storages with Openstack
10:45     Lauren Malhoit – Cisco ACI and OpenStack
11:00 Keynote Keynote Aniket Daptari – Open source approach to secure multi-tenancy via OpenStack in VMware clusters
11:15 David Lapsley – Cisco – This won’t hurt a bit… Best practices for TDD Ansible and OpenStack deployment Akhila Chetlapalle – NFV Apps on Openstack Harry Sutton – HP – It’s not working – what now?
11:30 Mohammed Abdula – Open Doors with an OpenStack Approach Nithya Ruff – Flash in the Cloud John Davidge – Bringing IPv6 Prefix Delegation to Neutron
11:45 Patrick M Beaucamp – Mass Reporting & ETL Service with OpenStack Ju Lim – OpenStack User Research – What have we learnt? Craig Peters – Leveraging Kubernetes to scale containers in Hybrid Multi-Cloud clusters
12:00 Xinyuan Huang – Nova-Solver-Scheduler: Addressing Scale and Optimization for OpenStack Cloud Diane Mueller – Scale or Fail: Containers on OpenStack Alexander Makarov – Long-time operations fail due to expired tokens? Time to try trusts!
12:15 Alon Marx and Oshrit Feder – Enabling near-zero Disaster Recovery with Hybrid clouds Brianna Poulos – Image Security and What You Can Do About It Aniket Daptari – Open source secure multi-tenancy in containerized and hybrid environments
12:30 Walter Bentley – Breaking Down the Resistance to OpenStack: Laying the Cloud Foundation Li Cao – Build up an Hybrid HPC Cloud – Virtual Machine Enablement in Traditional HPC Cluster by using OpenStack watanabe.isao – Deployment of Third Party CI System in Enterprise Environment
12:45 Annie Liao – 10GbE and beyond – SR-IOV, VxLAN, OVS, DPDK, Ceph and what to expect NEXT Christian Huebner – SSD, the magic bullet?
1:00 Gal Sagie – Dragonflow – Neutron done the SDN Way Cynthia Thomas – Removing the Blindfold from OpenStack Networking Craig Lee – Turn OpenStack into the Global InterCloud — Now!
1:15 Patrick Butler Monterde – Fuel Plugin for ScaleIO Ghezal Sherdil – OpenStack operations at Comcast Muhammad Afzal and Dave Cain – Scalable and Reliable OpenStack Deployments on FlexPod with Red Hat OpenStack Platform
1:30 Harold Hannon – Managing Inventory with OpenStack Ironic Zhipeng Huang – Storage is not virtualized enough
1:45 Siva Mandalam – Full Stack Application Security in the Cloud Doina Cristina Aiftimiei – OpenStack for Research and Research for OpenStack Richard Gooch – System Domination: Config Management and Image Deployment
2:00 Christian Schutz & Eric Lajoie – HP – NFV/OpenStack lessons learned with EMEA telcos Zhen Qin – Troubleshooting RabbitMQ and Its Stability Improvement Ikuo Kumagai – Do Datacenter providers dream of open-souced Hyper-Converged OpenStack?
2:15 James Gorz – Friendly Traffic Shaping in the Cloud Sharone Zitzman – How to hack a community from the bottom up Eric Lopez – Neutron Advanced Services Demonstration
2:30 Gabriel Chapman – Hyperconverged for OpenStack Environments, does it make sense SANDEEP BAZAR – Mobilize platform agnostic adaptability for Object storage on the go.
2:45 Julen Larrucea – BOMSI: the OpenStack installer by the book Christian Frank and Gerd Pruessman – How to organize a OpenStack Day Amandeep Singh Rattenpal – Fusion’ : A self-adaptive framework enabling VM migration, auto-scaling and prioritization
3:00 Matt Rutkowski and Julio Ruano – Enterprise Orchestration of Containers with Policies using TOSCA heat-translator, Senlin and Magnum Ryszard Chojnacki – Private, Public, Hybrid unique challenges with OpenStack MANISH KUMAR – SWIFT without Database : Challenges & Resolution
3:15 Clint Byrum – Moar Nodes! – OpenStack’s “InfraCloud” Arun A V – TNaaS – TCS Network as a Service Solution Prashant Naik – Simulating Data Paths to Replace Hypervisors with Containers for Large Test Environments
3:30 Nitin Madhok – 10 minutes to OpenStack using SaltStack! Naveen Joy – Kubernetes cluster on OpenStack Sean Williford – Leveraging Plug-ins beyond just drivers, to enable Automation for your OpenStack Cloud
3:45 Arthur Berezin – Hybrid Cloud Orchestration on OpenStack Jun Park – How Adobe Built An OpenStack Cloud Darragh Bailey – Syncing with Upstream
4:00 Ben Silverman – The story of 2 Clouds, 8 Data Centers and a 1.5 Exabyte Object Store Masum Hasan – Cisco – Cache Affinity Solutions for VNF/Cloud Workloads in Openstack/Linux Environment Yuji Azama – My Trial and Error of SFC on OpenStack
4:15 Sheng-Ann Yu – ONE Reference Platform – Envision OPNFV Beyond Telecom Cloud Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona – Who to blame for long code reviews?
4:30 Toby Ford & Martin Backstrom – Running a Telco VNF (Virtualized Network Function) on a policy driven network Ian Wells – Gluon: A Port Provider Adam Spiers – Whirlwind intro to Crowbar – Open Source provisioning framework
4:45 Oleksandr Adamov – React Fast to Zero-Day Attacks Leveraging IDS and Sandbox Sebastian Jeuk – Introducing a VLAN and VxLAN-free OpenStack Architecture Ronak Banka – Chatops & Openstack
5:00 Harald Seipp – Adapting Swift for Tape Storage or other high-latency media Rushi Agrawal – Keystone with Cassandra Mark Carlson – Update on Standard Interface for Nova
5:15 Sridhar Ramaswamy – OpenSource NFV Orchestration to Telcos Wan-yen Hsu – Why UEFI Mode for Ironic Baremetal Provisioning?
5:30 Adam Reznechek – OpenStack + POWER – It’s a new ecosystem for OpenStack Compute Sudhindra Subbarao – User story – CarrierGrade OpenStack for Telcos
5:45 Vish Jakka and Guil Barros – Cisco UCS & Red Hat OpenStack: Upstream Partnership to Streamline OpenStack Dave Cain and Muhammad Afzal – Accelerate POC to Production: OpenStack with FlexPod Sahdev P. Zala and Vahid Hashemian – Deploy TOSCA Workloads in OpenStack via TOSCA Stand-Alone Parser, Heat Translator and Murano

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