#vBrownBags, Dave Hill, PHD Virtual, and VMworld

Last night, around 8 or 10pm CST, not really sure… I saw a tweet come up from a vExpert and friend Dave Hill:


It led to this little bit of text here:

I need your help

For anyone who follows my blog, or twitter you probably know that I recently had major surgery on my ear. Due to this operation I didn’t believe I would be able to attend VMworld US, so I informed the powers that be, I would not be able to travel or participate, so my place got cancelled.

I have now received the excellent news yesterday from my consultant that my ear is healing nicely and I can fly again. Unfortunately due to the short notice, I am not able to get the internal approval needed to be a speaker. However because of how awesome VMworld US is, and all the great people I meet and know, I have decided to pay my own way there. This is where the difficulty lies, I do not have a pass for the conference, and need someone’s help or sponsorship to allow me access to the conference. I am happy to provide assistance to the sponsor in any way needed.

If anyone can help, it would be amazing, otherwise I will be sat outside the Moscone Center waiting for people to come out and talk to me for a week.

So, Dave would be there, and would be the crazy guy trying to get a nickel outside the Moscone? What? That wont do. So, with a bit of help from Patrick Redknap (@PatrickRedknap) and the support of PHD Virtual, and the rest of the VMware community… guess who is now going to VMworld?

For those of you who aren’t connected to the VMware or larger tech community via twitter, blogs, or other means… this here is an example of what the community can do. I’m happy to have facilitated, and hope you all will take advantage of having Dave around the #vBrownBag tech talks. Also, just as importantly, take a few minutes out of your VMworld schedule to actually talk to the folks in the PHD Virtual booth and not just collect a t-shirt (Booth 314 actually).

I remain humbled at the power of this community. Truly humbled.

3 thoughts on “#vBrownBags, Dave Hill, PHD Virtual, and VMworld

  • Great story, I will stop by booth 314.. oh wait I can’t i dont have a pass – so can I get one?

  • Not sure if trolling or…

    If not trolling, I’d suggest that the best way to go about it, is to get connected to the community, do a bit of blogging, help on the forums, or similar. Get out there, get your self known, and well, we’ll see what happens. Would love to help, but this close to the show, I’m not sure how many miracles I have left.

  • Awesome story 🙂 

    For those who haven’t been on twitter or other platforms to connect with the community, they really don’t understand how much they are missing out! 

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