VMworld 2013 Wrap Up

This post is by Cody Bunch

This is the sort of post where one would say something about being tired, sore feet, or having the “VMworld crud”. While I've had a bit of all of those things, this is not that post.

This post could also drone on and on about how despite the oddball location and persistence of Murphy within the machine, the #vBrownBag live Tech talks were still a smash success. (Many many thanks to our sponsors)

I could also start ranting about the hallway track and how wonderful it was to not only meet up with old friends (the #vBrownBag crew included), but also meet plenty of new ones. Again, this isn't that post.

We could also discuss how happy I am to have sold out all copies of the vCO Book in the VMworld bookstore… or to have had the OpenStack security guide both in the Rackspace booth, but wandering around the Open up with OpenStack party. Alas, this really isn't supposed to be that post.

Shoot, well, by discussing what this post is not, I guess it very well became that post. I suppose I can leave you then with a massive link dump of the things I found interesting during the show:


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