#vBrownBag US Restart (VCP-IAAS)

We were originally planning on taking a month off. However, we’re quite energized coming off from VMworld US, have a good amount of content (security month, VCP-IAAS, and “Sack Lunches” (more on that some other time (nested parens FTW))), that we just needed to keep going. Here’s the details for the new series: #vBrownBag VCP-IAAS
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#vBrownBag – VMworld 2012 Materials

Couldn’t make it to the show, but still wanted the #vBrownBag USB Key of awesomeness? Click the Big Green Arrow to pull down the file. Warning: it’s nearly 4GB in size. It will take a while to download. In that file, is everything that was on the USB keys. Update: This needs an MD5 check
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